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Susan McNabb began her decades-long career as a Los Angeles model and commercial actor after growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, and receiving her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Tennessee.

She moved to L.A. to┬ámodel–both runway and print, commercials and music videos.

Susan peppered her career with many behind-the scenes jobs as well as worked as a film and TV extra. She also taught acting at Beverly Hills Studios and worked as Elvira’s stand-in, photo double and road manager for 17 years.

Click on the cover of The Opposite of Famous (to the right) to read her hilarious memoir.

You can read her interview with cultural archeologist, Marc Nobleman, on working on Billy Joel’s iconic music video for “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Susan left her Hollywood career behind when she and her husband moved back to North Carolina in 2011, settling in the tiny town of Tryon.

During her four years in North Carolina, Susan published her first novel, Drop Dead Gorgeous by Suki McMinn, a contemporary vampire romance set in the L.A. modeling scene. She also has a cozy vampire mystery series she writes as Suki McMinn that begins with The Vampire of Waller County and Christmas in Waller County.

Susan wrote a weekly newspaper column for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, collected her first 28 columns in Tryon Diary, Tales from the Friendliest Town in the South and all 50 columns in The Complete Tryon Diary.

In 2015, Susan and her husband moved their family of rescued dogs to Phoenix, Arizona, and she now spends her summers in Tryon.