The Opposite of Famous, A Hollywood Memoir is a collection of funny essays about my life in L.A. where I worked as a model, commercial actor, film extra, and butt double, among other things. I also traveled the country with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as her road manager and dated Jerry Seinfeld for eight rocky years before finding my happily ever after with my husband.

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I wrote the weekly column, “Tryon Diary,” in the Tryon Daily Bulletin in 2014 and 2015. My plan was to collect and publish my columns each year, and this book contains the 28 columns I wrote in 2014.

The columns documented my adjustment to small-town life after living in L.A. and highlighted people, places and events in my discovery of magical Tryon.

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Life doesn’t always go as planned, so when my husband’s new job took us to Phoenix, I wrapped up my columns and published all 50 in The Complete Tryon Diary.

“Susan’s humor is as subtle as a sharp razor blade and her columns always look at life and people from a positive point of view …” –Jim Wright, Mayor of Tryon

Writing as Suki McMinn …

When a 1987 earthquake sends Sadie’s hot screenwriter neighbor over in his skivvies, her comedian boyfriend turns the event into a TV pilot. Can she be both a fashion model and a writer? Maybe it’s time she writes her own happily ever after.

This romantic comedy is the first novella in Suki McMinn’s collection of Hollywood romances set in the eighties.

Jackson was once just the pottery teacher Amber drooled over, but now he’s invited her into his world. Will she take a chance on a new life, or will Jackson’s dark secret turn her dream into a nightmare?

This dark and sexy romance is set in Hogback, Suki McMinn’s fictional North Carolina town created for The Vampire of Waller County, but this short story is for adults only.

Daria is at a crossroads, and an unexpected move to Phoenix might be just what she needs. But what happens when kittens land in her bushes, a powerful storm hits her house and a handsome neighbor rocks her world? Will she find a new path to happiness? Kittens might not be all she’s smitten with when the storm is over.

This short story is part of the “In the Desert” shared world series written by authors in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Hogback Series of novelettes are contemporary suspenseful small-town capers with a touch of sweet romance and humor. Oh, and vampires!

In Book One, The Vampire of Waller County, Nathan’s interference with an evil scheme to create an army of vampires puts everyone he loves in danger. Can he save sweet Holly McReady in time? Will he step up to be the hero of Hogback?

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Something goes sideways during Hogback’s Christmas Stroll in Christmas in Waller County. Will blood be spilled on Peanut’s Christmas coat? When things go wrong, will Nathan do the right thing? Or is the wrong thing what Hogback needs?

“A budding Stephen King! Suki’s a natural-born writer!” –Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

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L.A. Vamps is a suspenseful adult romance series (with naughty parts!).

Book One, Drop Dead Gorgeous, follows Derek Randall, former supermodel and brand new vampire, as he returns to his true love, Clara. They hatch a plan that puts him back in the spotlight, but his evil maker Madeline has other ideas. Now he has to choose: his life or Clara’s.