Happy 2013!

So, apparently, this is the year Snake Plissken saves the President and Kevin Costner delivers the mail. Both Escape from New York and The Postman take place in 2013 in much drearier circumstances than our actual ones. So, even if you suspect this year might be a tough one, it could have been much worse. The President could be trapped in a pod among lawless thugs rather than simply hampered by Congress. And we might all be sporting tattered rags in dull earth tones that only the likes of Kevin Costner can pull off.

Kev’s still a hottie in rags
The best thing about 2013: Arm porn



I, for one, am feeling pretty good about the New Year. You’ll think me mad, but I’ve already entered a photography competition, two writing contests, and am hoping to get a pottery project in to an exhibit by the deadline on Tuesday. I’ve also completed the first draft of my essay book. I don’t necessarily expect great success with any of these, but to quote a writer friend of mine, “I like to get my rejections in multiples.”
Honestly, rejection doesn’t faze me much after 29 years in the modeling and acting business. Good thing, too, because writers face the same stuff.

At this point in my life, I’m just happy to be doing, playing, creating, having fun. I highly recommend it.

And since it seems the Mayans were as mistaken as John Carpenter about the current state of our world, I suggest we keep frolicking forward for at least the next 6 years. Then, it’ll be 2019–time to race the Governator in Running Man. Apparently, Stephen King and director Paul Michael Glaser had a pretty dim view of the future as well. They might feel better if they threw a pot or took a pretty picture once in a while. I know it works for me.
Oh Ahnold! Lighten up!