If a pop culture archeologist digs you up, does that make you a relic?

I was surprised to hear from Marc Tyler Nobleman when he first emailed me asking if I was one of the women in a music video for Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.
Before responding, I googled him and was happy to find a guy who didn’t seem at all like a creepy stalker, but rather like a very hip writer and journalist who just happens to love 80s music videos. He grew up admiring the beautiful women portrayed in what I consider a unique art form at a time when music videos ruled the airwaves of MTV and VH1.
He’d already published a series of interviews called The Girl in the Video, and found such a following that he decided to do a second series, which led him to me.
When I started answering Marc’s questions, I was happily transported back in time to 1989 and an era I danced through in spike heels and tight black dresses, arms linked with fun model friends, and with a boyfriend about to make television sitcom history.
Was it as fun as it sounds? You bet.

I know I seem to be depressed and drinking, but I was actually very happy.
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