A title refresh!

So, it turns out bots don’t like the word nipple. Ha! My latest Hollywood romantic comedy, Four Nipple Sam, is now reborn as The Screenwriter Next Door. I got tired of making funny videos and posts only to see them sit there with zero views, so I consulted Sam and Sadie, my main characters, and they agreed to the title refresh. Sadie liked I’m Too Sexy for my Typewriter, but I suspected it would be too sexy for the bots as well. 

Sam didn’t lose just an extra pair of nipples with the new title but also the book’s Amazon reviews. So sad! If you feel inclined to review the newly published The Screenwriter Next Door, please do so with my heartfelt thanks.

That reminds me: if you read my short story “Heartfelt” in the anthology, A Shot of Steam, then I do hope you’ll check out The Screenwriter Next Door, as it’s set in the same world: Hollywood in the eighties where I spent my time strutting down runways and chasing my fair share of funny men. (Did you know I went on a blind date with the screenwriter who wrote Blind Date? I can’t make this stuff up.)