Journeys to Authorship

My latest anthology is out! And it got a number one best seller banner on Amazon! Journeys to Authorship is a collection of author origin stories by a group of Phoenix writers. We tell the true stories of how we became published authors, and they are as different as they can be.

In my essay, “Flirting with the Flames of Fame,” the real hero of my story is fanfiction. I started my writing life writing fanfiction and loved every minute of it (which is why I’m still writing!), and because I made so many wonderful friends in our fandom, I was able to publish my first book, Drop Dead Gorgeous by Suki McMinn (my pen name for fiction). Heck, I never would have even written it if I hadn’t met my fanfiction friends.

As my title suggests, I do spill a few beans about the famous people in my life when I lived in Hollywood, and I think you’ll enjoy that too (especially if you’ve read my Hollywood memoir, The Opposite of Famous).

So, please enjoy this special anthology, and let me know what you think!

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