Journeys to Authorship

Here’s an exciting new anthology full of true stories from published authors on their journey from writer to author, and my story is one!

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Journeys to Authorship
How Wannabe Writers Can Realize Their Publishing Dreams

If you need a light in the dark to become a published author, this indispensable book, Journeys to Authorship, serves as your directional beacon in the fog of the publishing world. Fourteen established authors will take you on an enlightening expedition as they reveal personal odysseys to attain their individual wordsmithing dreams.

Via their collective experiences, you’ll learn what the authoring process involves and gather ideas to overcome the obstacles of time, inertia, and resources. You’ll also gain concrete advice on navigating the complex publishing world as you connect with successful fiction and nonfiction authors across a variety of genres. The authors’ journeys will make you laugh, wonder, and even cry at their creativity and perseverance, and the sheer gumption required to pursue their quests.

All of the authors who share their origin stories in this book are members of the Alliance for Literary Writers, Authors, & Yabbering Scribes, (ALWAYS), a Phoenix-based group founded in 2006. Read their stories, benefit from real-life experiences, and ignite your aspirations to actually reach your own publishing goals.