A cheap getaway to Hogback…

My pair of funny paranormal cozy mysteries are just 99 cents each April 19-26. You know these stories are fictional because I wrote them as Suki McMinn and, well… vampires.

The Vampire of Waller County
What if a single injection could turn humans into vampires? And what if that drug fell into the hands of a devious man bent on creating his own army of monsters?
Dr. Jim Samuels sets his sights on the sleepy town of Hogback, North Carolina, tucked into the picturesque foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He’s counting on finding the kind of simple-minded fools he needs to execute his plan, but he’s dead wrong. When Nathan Waller interferes with the doctor’s evil scheme, he puts everyone he loves in danger. Can he save sweet Holly McReady in time? Can he step up to be the hero of Waller County? Can he do it in wet pajamas and Big Foot slippers? Halloween in Hogback will never be the same, and neither will Nathan Waller.

And then… Christmas in Waller County
When Palmer Finnegan shows up and threatens to expose Hogback’s secrets to the world, every vampire in town wants him dead. Except for one.
Nathan is determined to keep Finnegan alive, but something goes sideways during the Christmas Stroll. Can he protect Finnegan from the violence that now pervades Hogback? Will blood be spilled on Peanut’s red Christmas coat? And can Nathan keep Holly away from the mistletoe over Keen Justice’s head? When things go terribly wrong in Hogback, Nathan might be the only one who can make them right again. Will he do the right thing? Or is the wrong thing what Waller County really needs? Confused? Well, so is Nathan. Welcome to Hogback.