The Screenwriter’s on sale!

My favorite fictional screenwriter is ready to be your next book boyfriend for pennies! Check out this 99-cent Kindle special April 12-19 for my Hollywood romantic comedy, The Screenwriter Next Door. Because I wrote it as Suki McMinn, this one is purely fictional (although you will certainly see how my real life influenced this story).

Fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy, Hollywood ride… When a 1987 earthquake sends Sadie’s hot screenwriter neighbor over in his skivvies, her comedian boyfriend turns the event into a TV pilot.

She decides to swap her story-stealing boyfriend for the screenwriter and buys herself a used typewriter.

But writing her own L.A. happily ever after isn’t as easy as she’d imagined. And her modeling career is slogging along in the slow lane.

With her ex’s television show set to become the hit sitcom she should have written, Sadie faces a choice:

Fashion model or writer? If she chooses both, is there room in her life for the funny man who wins her heart?